About Stephanie Smith

I’ve had an interest in cooking for as long as I can remember. I used to watch my mother and grandmother cook, and I would go out of my way to “help” them. I would experiment by putting together ingredients, creating concoctions that were not always all that edible. As soon as I was old enough to learn how to follow a recipe, I would tweak and embellish them to make them my own. Though I am primarily self-taught, I have occasionally taken classes at the King Arthur cooking school, Paul Prudome’s cooking school, and a few other classes just for fun.

To me, preparing and serving food is like food for my soul, as I enjoy it so much. I love to entertain. I always set a beautiful table with flowers, candles, and cloth napkins, paying close attention to details in its presentation. To me, this presentation is part of the whole “eating experience.”

My husband and I have raised three beautiful and accomplished children that we are very proud of. Now that they have all graduated from college and have gone off to conquer the world, we are able to open our home and share our hospitality with others.

-- Steph

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